FAME, FORTUNE, GLORY! he wants it all and he wants it now! Keep your eye on...

a film by Robert Roworth

That Fella in The Tutti Frutti Hat

Curtis J. Evans is a down on his luck Carmen Miranda performer. Curtis has only ever wanted a life in the limelight, he wants is to play in the big theatre, with the big audience and the big dressing room!

Mr. Paul In-apple’ is the talk of the town. His twice extended show, ‘Car-Man About Town’, shows no signs of slowing down. The vibrant theatre comes to life when ‘Car-Man’ is treading the boards.

With ‘Car-Man’ showing no signs of moving on and Curtis, tired of playing the same old venues with the same old drunkards and the same pickled barflies, he engages two seasoned hitmen to ‘Pull Curtains’ on Paul’s show.


The mysteriously smooth hitters (Louis & Martin), secure seats, front row centre, for what is to be, unbeknownst to Paul, his closing night and not just from the glamorous life in the spotlight.

Watch out for ‘That Fella in the Tutti Frutti Hat’.

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