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A Place in the
Middle of  Nowhere

a Robert Roworth film

Frank Rudolph, a middle-aged man, drives the long and winding roads of rural New South Wales headed for a place in the middle of nowhere. Percy, an aged gas station attendant, is perched behind his service counter one evening when Rudolph pulls in after a days journey to fill up. 

What starts as a regular interaction between customer and service clerk quickly turns into an unsuspecting journey back to a dark and tragic past that both have attempted to forget and move on from. However, the sins of the past are too strong to simply push past and they inevitably come to rest at a place familiar, a place familial. 

The beginning of such journeys always bring with them an end. For better and worse.

A Place in the Middle of Nowhere Trailer

A Place in the Middle of Nowhere Trailer

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Paul - Antony Rogers

Robert  Roworth

Jannine Haydon

and introducing Bailey Black as 'Young Rudolph'

A Place in the Middle of Nowhere Credits
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