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Tired But Strong Poster

Tired But Strong is a wonderfully inspiring journey. Five strangers, ( Carla Molinaro, Alexander D. Tucker, Koot Steenkamp, Mike Sewell & Roger Cameron), depart from Cape Town, headed for Pietermaritzburg. Their goal is simple, to run in the Ultimate Human Race, the 93rd Comrades UltraMarathon (90km's) down to Durban. 

Rather than take conventional, convenient and comfortable modes of transportation, the group will instead RUN 90km's for 19 days consecutively, with the 20th day culminating in South Africa's pinnacle ultra-marathon, Comrades.

They will encounter below freezing temperatures, rough and incredibly rugged terrain, their bodies will be placed under considerable strain, their resolve tested with every step.

They are most assuredly tired but strong. 

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