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HVVM LOGO Neil McGuigan

Shot across the luscious Hunter Valley Landscape over the course of the viticultural year at the famed De Iuliis Wines ( vineyard, the seasoned team at HVVM unveiled the key to success in the regions most popular export.

Produced by Robert Roworth & Joel Black

Directed by: Robert Roworth

Cinematography by: Joel Black, Robert Roworth & Zacari Stoltenberg

Voice Over: Robert Roworth

Editor: Robert Roworth

Colourist: Joel Black

  • Blackmagic G2

  • Blackmagic Pocket 4k

  • Blackmagic Pocket 6k

  • Micro Cinema x 2

  • DJI Phantom 4 Cinema Pro Drone

HVVM - Four Seasons of the Viticultural Year.H264
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