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My Name is Alice. I am a Person

a film by Robert Roworth

Bouncing from interviews to speeches, from one side of the great city of New Harbor to the other, Councilman John Raynor is all but unstoppable in his pursuit of victory in the current Mayoral election campaign. With a simple message of ‘Family First’ and, if the polls are to be believed, his rightful place in the Mayor’s Mansion is all but assured.

However all of that certainty becomes clouded when Alice, a smart and savvy business woman (and high class escort) who, in her line of work, is frequently used and abused by men,  threatens to derail Raynor’s wholesome family image by exposing an illicit affair between the two.

Not taking any chances, he dispatches the mysterious Eron, a chameleon like individual, conflicted about his duty to his employer and his desire for Alice.

In politics they say timing is everything for better or worse, in good times and bad. 

As the clock winds down on yet another large and bombastic campaign of promises made vs promises kept, Will Raynor still be standing when the countdown reaches zero?

My name is Alice. I am a person.

My name is Alice Poster
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